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GB-201505580-D0: A transport booking form patent, GB-201505629-D0: Bioactive wound dressing with synergistic effect patent, GB-201505646-D0: An interactive book patent, GB-201505741-D0: Improvements in or relating to cold storage patent, GB-201506136-D0: Lighting unit patent, GB-201506729-D0: Optoelectronic switch patent, GB-201506730-D0: Metal toe cap boots patent, GB-201507082-D0: Bias and reversing mechanism for roller clutch ratchet patent, GB-201507250-D0: Methods and systems for establishing a mode of communication between particular users based on perceived lulls in media assets patent, GB-201507500-D0: Road roughness preview with drive history patent, GB-201508094-D0: Mapping cytosine modifications patent, GB-201508209-D0: Microwave ovens etc patent, GB-201508266-D0: Spent solids processing patent, GB-201508596-D0: Signal processing device for processing an audio waveform for playback through a speaker patent, GB-201509558-D0: Multi-layer shrink film, label and container patent, GB-201509739-D0: Usage-based insurance cost determination system and method patent, GB-201510395-D0: Crotchless nursing underwear patent, GB-201511954-D0: Soil erosion prevention method and implement therefor patent, GB-201512593-D0: Process for the preparation of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (1234yf) patent, GB-201513183-D0: Vector generate mask instruction patent, GB-201514470-D0: Material inspection patent, GB-201514558-D0: Mobile device with input arrangement patent, GB-201514888-D0: Lockable cover for propane tank valve patent, GB-201514965-D0: Railway track monitoring device patent, GB-201515272-D0: A levelling device patent, GB-201516386-D0: Lined / unlined paper etc patent, GB-201516461-D0: Apparatus for bending a pipe patent, GB-201517783-D0: Photoelectric conversion element, dye-sensitized solar cell, and metal complex dye used in same patent, GB-201518572-D0: A thermal ground loop installation device patent, GB-201519209-D0: Ancillary drive for an internal combustion engine as well as method for operating such an ancillary drive patent, GB-201519367-D0: Authorisation system patent, GB-201520644-D0: Aircraft emergency landing system (AELS) patent, GB-201520752-D0: Method and system for determining parameters of an image processing pipeline of a digital camera patent, GB-201520893-D0: Exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle patent, GB-201520997-D0: Dispensers patent, GB-201521902-D0: Urea synthesis method patent, GB-201522017-D0: Regenerative braking system for lightweight vehicles patent, GB-201523170-D0: Selective methylation agent methyl p- toluenesulfonate synthesis method patent, GB-201600085-D0: Perforation gun components and system patent, GB-201600177-D0: A bridge method of fitting hair extensions patent, GB-201600248-D0: Methods,systems and devices for recording and transmitting identification information of tire pressure monitoring sensors to a vehicle patent, GB-201601846-D0: Oil cloth mat or pad surface cover for use with nail varnishes patent, GB-201602357-D0: RF energy meter patent, GB-201602754-D0: Extendible intravenous cannula patent, GB-201602849-D0: Device identification patent, GB-201603290-D0: Label assembly patent, GB-201603433-D0: Interactive virtual dining experience patent, GB-201604806-D0: Method of identifying a cancer of unknown origin patent, GB-201604953-D0: T cell receptors patent, GB-201605340-D0: A method of operating an environmental control system patent, GB-201607818-D0: Sensing device for detecting alarm bell of siren patent, GB-201608915-D0: Lubrication device for a turbine engine patent, GB-201608997-D0: Surgical instrument patent, GB-201609407-D0: Apparatus and method for manufacturing tobacco industry products patent, GB-201609649-D0: Diving system patent, GB-201610763-D0: Image compression method and technical equipment for the same patent, GB-201610983-D0: Diffrentally weighted modifiable prescribed history reporting apparatus,systems, and methods for decision support and health patent, GB-201611324-D0: Method and apparatus for assisting drug delivery patent, GB-201611485-D0: Improvements to aircraft taxing patent, GB-201612443-D0: Equipment for services interconnection of tractor-trailer combinations patent, GB-201612726-D0: Fluid deployment apparatus and method patent, GB-201613050-D0: Decking clip patent, GB-201613316-D0: Door handle assembly patent, GB-201613422-D0: Absorbent mat with wings connected by tear-open sections patent, GB-201614079-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-201614080-D0: Improved Axial Fan patent, GB-201615154-D0: Stable ink formulations suitable for the manufacture of thermoelectric legs patent, GB-201615845-D0: Flow monitoring using distributed strain measurement patent, GB-201615877-D0: Infrared spectrometer and scanner utilizing attenuated total reflection patent, GB-201615998-D0: An engine assembly and method patent, GB-201616151-D0: Beamsteering using metamaterials patent, GB-201616528-D0: Rotary actuator for remote disconnect patent, GB-201617157-D0: A Universal multipoint lock assembly patent, GB-201617237-D0: Air conditioning system patent, GB-201617311-D0: Customizable foam roller patent, GB-201617315-D0: Access control patent, GB-201617611-D0: Sealing system patent, GB-201618146-D0: A ratchet strap tensioner patent, GB-201619551-D0: Prokaryotic Argonaute proteins and uses thereof patent, GB-201621062-D0: Method of imaging defects using an electron microscope patent, GB-201622385-D0: Water butts etc patent, GB-201700338-D0: Vehicle positioning and object avoidance patent, GB-201700722-D0: Network traffic packet burst analyser patent, GB-201701179-D0: Pump sealing patent, GB-201701956-D0: Heatshield for a band clamp patent, GB-201703240-D0: Bobdi patent, GB-201704738-D0: Optoelectronic device with reflective face patent, GB-201705662-D0: Specimen collection composition and system patent, GB-201706046-D0: Cancer therapy patent, GB-201706083-D0: Method and apparatus for supercooling of metal/alloy melts and for the formation of amorphous metals therefrom patent, GB-201707548-D0: Method and apparatus using combination of quantum dot-containing films with optical filter films for signage and illumination applications patent, GB-201707701-D0: Dosing control coupling for enteral fluid transfer patent, GB-201708484-D0: Production of functionalised composite cellulose nanomaterials patent, GB-201709478-D0: Adjustable leg patent, GB-201709900-D0: Controlling vehicle brakes patent, GB-201710305-D0: Sea aged wine tank patent, GB-201711165-D0: Additive manufacturing of metallic structures patent, GB-201711670-D0: Safety valve patent, GB-201712028-D0: Water purification patent, GB-201712994-D0: Power tool apparatus and a method of use of the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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